The Fearless Prospector (Full Course)

The Fearless Prospector is an online sales training course that teaches new or tenured salespeople how to conquer fear in prospecting, proven strategies to flood their calendars and how to get in control of their destiny.

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Sales Objections Simplified

In this sales training course, you will learn how to handle objections in person, how to handle objections over the phone and even understand where objections come from.

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How to Cold Call over the Phone

In this b2b sales training course, you will learn sales techniques, how to prepare for effective prospecting, the navigation process of getting a decision maker to answer the phone, making gatekeepers your ally, the art of voicemails, and how to maximize on your chances with the boss when they finally pick up the phone!

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How to Cold Call on Foot

In this B2B sales training course, you will learn sales techniques, the do’s and don’ts of cold calling the field, and how to maximize your efficiency during this essential part of the prospecting process.

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