Building Value Training Series

The Building Value Training Series, a four-part-series-virtual sales training by Modern Sales Training, equips sales executives with modern systems for differentiation, boosting deals with higher profits. Tailored for all sales levels, this tactical training promises immediate ROI, laying the groundwork for outlier income and dealership success.

Learn strategies to win more deals with more profit.

People get into sales to make big money—that’s always the plan from the beginning. However, it might take a salesperson years to learn how to earn those commission checks. Some only make great money if they stick around long enough to inherit current accounts with juicy upgrades. Even fewer know how to win new business deals with gross profit attached.  Unfortunately, it’s common for most salespeople to earn very little commissions above their base because they lack a process for building value on a consistent basis.  

The Building Value Training Series will provide the process and tactics needed to systemize, creating more gross profit in your deals to the point where your customers will see your offerings as more valuable and worth the elevated price.

Building Value Workshop "Deal" Testimonials

What's covered in the Building Value Training Series?

There will be four 2-hour sessions over Zoom where we cover a strategies around building value inside of the sales process.  Each attendee will also gain access to take courses online to supplement the in person class topics.  The four trainings will be on Friday’s over 4 consecutive weeks.

Building Value Training Series Investment

Includes 8-hours worth of value selling virtual training sessions with Derek. Each attendee will also recieve:
  • Access to (4) online value building courses: 
    1. Why Customers Buy ($200 Value)
    2. Value Propositions ($200 Value)
    3. Proposal Tips that build value & profit ($200 Value)
    4. Creating a Sense of Urgency ($200 Value)
  • Access to the Building Value Series Vault with resources and templates for immediate use
  • Attendee “Take Action” Workbook

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Derek Shebby, founder of Modern Sales Training, leveraged his 17 years as a top sales executive and director at Xerox Corp. in California to develop transformative sales programs. During his tenure at Mr. Copy (MRC), he won the Sales President’s Club Award 13 times and expanded his division from $40 million to over $100 million in revenue with a team of 120 salespeople.

Now based in San Diego with his family, Derek enhances B2B sales across the U.S. through strategic consulting, a twelve-week Sales Bootcamp, a Sales Leader Bootcamp, and the Building Value Training Series. He also offers online courses and workshops, leading the monthly Outlier Community to drive significant revenue and profit growth in sales teams.