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Sales Objections Simplified

In this sales training course, you will learn how to handle objections in person, how to handle objections over the phone and even understand where objections come from.

[Part of the Sales In 21 Days Bundle]

Course Introduction

Sales Objections Simplified Sales Training Course

Are you afraid of getting an objection in sales?   Are you using the same method to handle objections over the phone and in person?

In this course, all of your sales objections will be simplified.  You will experience objections from clients in all aspects of your sales cycle.  Each situation, whether it happens face to face or over the phone, you must use a different technique to handle them if you want to be successful.  In this course we will cover where sales objections come from, how to handle them when the customer is in front of you, different techniques on how to handle them over the phone and even a technique on handling the price objection!  You will leave this course with the materials ready to create custom objection handling scripts that will work for your business.  Get ready to learn various sales techniques around the different scenarios you will receive objections, how to understand where your clients are coming from, and benefit from the objection handling materials that will be provided inside of the assignments section of the course!

You Can Expect To Learn

  • Master Objection Handling BOTH In Person and Over the Phone
  • Learn the Fortune 500 Framework to Handle Objections IN PERSON
  • Learn 5 Successful Pro Techniques for Handling Objections in Seconds OVER THE PHONE
  • This will PREPARE You for the 4 MOST COMMON Objections You’ll hear from Your Clients
  • Get Examples on How to Handle the Main 4 Objections whether its’s OVER THE PHONE or IN PERSON
  • BONUS Technique Included – How to Handle “YOUR PRICE IS TOO HIGH!”
  • Discover WHERE OBJECTIONS COME FROM and How to Sympathize with Your Client
  • Benefit from HANDOUTS Designed to Help You Customize Custom Objection Handling Scripts for Your Business
  • Never Be SURPRISED or INTIMIDATED to Get an Objection Again!
  • Handle objections with CONFIDENCE
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