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The Virtual Selling Machine (Full Course)

The Virtual Selling Machine training course is an on demand sales training course that prepares you for anything when learning to sell from home.

Course Introduction

The Virtual Selling Machine Sales Training

Virtual Selling Machine is an online sales training program that prepares you for anything and everything you need to know in order to be a successful salesperson selling from home. 

It is a 4-hour e-learning course that focuses on critical working from home skills used to win this new normal, including how to create a brand that sells for you while you sleep, running effective meetings over zoom and doing incredible demos over webinar.

Be Effective Working From Home

Time management, your home set up, the tools and programs you need at your fingertips, and mindset. It’s all here.

Create A Relevant Online Brand

We all have an online brand. What does yours say about you? We will go through how to create a brand that sells for you 24/7.

Create A Message That Speaks To Your Clients

Without the right message, there’s no appointments set, no meetings ran and no deals being closed.

Develop Your Prospecting System

When you prospect, you need to find the account, qualify the right ones, cold call through the butterflies and improve daily.

Run Productive Virtual Meetings

You work so hard to get the meeting, how can you apply virtual etiquette and read body language to ensure it’s a productive meeting?

Do Incredible Demos Over Webinar

Demos are done over a computer screen now. Learn the right ways to prepare and execute demos that will wow your customer.



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