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How to Create a Sense of Urgency

This sales training course will teach you how to take back control of your b2b sales cycles and influence your clients to move forward.

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Course Introduction

How To Create a Sense of Urgency Sales Training Course

Are you stuck waiting for your clients to finally make a decision on your proposal?

Did they disappear and stop answering your calls all of a sudden?

Did your client go from “I need this right now,” to … where did they go?

In this course, How to Create A Sense Of Urgency, you will learn how to control the tempo of your sale cycles.

  • You will learn how to identify the 10 different situations that end up stalling or slowing down your sale
  • The 4 things that must be done with every client to create a sense of urgency.
  • Stop waiting for your clients to get back to you and take back control of your time
  • Learn how to win more deals each month.
  • You will also get a Fortune 500 sense of urgency template you could start using right away to make an impact on your current or stalled sales.   

Let’s go! Times wasting.

You Can Expect To Learn

  • Learn the 4 Things That MUST BE DONE to Create Urgency in a Sale
  • Get a DOWNLOADED Sense Of Urgency Template You Can Use With Your Next Proposal
  • Learn Talk Tracks To Find Urgency BEFORE You Present Your Proposal
  • Learn The Reasons Your Sales May Be STALLING And How To Fix Them
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