MPS Sales Training Workshop

The MPS Acceleration Workshop is a half day MPS workshop put on virtually by Modern Sales Training, and sponsored by Clover Imaging, that will teach your sales team how each person can easily write 5+ MPS contracts per month.  This tactical and “no fluff” sales training is designed for immediate service passthrough ROI, and will serve to be that booster shot needed accelerate the MPS performance at any dealership.

Get Full MPS Participation On Your Sales Team

It’s no secret that MPS is your key to massive profit at your dealership.  HP Inc continues to post nearly $1 billion in profit per year from selling toner supplies alone.  You don’t need to steal much of that to make a dent in your recurring revenue stream. 

What is a secret is how to get the MPS train started effectively within your sales process and your sales team.  Sure, the sales training has been out for years on how to sell MPS but there’s a mismatch between that sales training and what actually happens on the ground floor with your customers.  These beliefs about how to sell MPS have turned into the reasons why it’s so challenging to qualify and win new opportunities. 

The way our salespeople look at MPS needs to be rewired to learn how easy it can be to sell on the spot in a matter of days. To do this, we will need to learn how to create a business case around the value of MPS and learn how to go with the speed of our customers’ business.  

Your sales team will learn all of this and more inside of this workshop. 

This will be a giant step towards your future profit-generating MPS business.

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How We'll Get an MPS Return on Investment

There are 4 components to the MPS Acceleration engagment

Sales Consulting Derek Shebby Modern Sales Training

1. Sales Leaders Meeting

We will start off by going over what is required to get both your sales force selling MPS regularly but also what is needed on the back end to ensure it happens properly and without delay.

MPS Workshop Modern Sales Training

2.Half-Day Virtual Workshop

The workshop itself is a half day workshop that must have a minimum 5 attendees (sales leaders are included as attendees). The group should be expected to sell immediately following the workshop.

3. MPS Portal Access

All workshop attendees will gain access to the MPS portal which holds templates and resources that will help them close their deals faster.

Virtual Sales Bootcamp

4. Follow Ups

There are multiple follow up trainings planned to ensure the return on investment has been achieved from the workshop.  This will vary based upon the adoption of the dealership.

What is covered inside of this sales training workshop?

MPS Acceleration Workshop Sales Training 1

Rewiring the MPS opportunity

The way MPS is taught today is all wrong.  From how to locate the opportunity to how to gain interest to building a business case for it, our salespeople have not been given the tools needed for success.  That changes in part one of this MPS workshop.  Your salespeople will learn how to spot MPS opportunities in every account and clearly understand the value your MPS service could provide their business.

The return of the napkin deal

Not all MPS deals should take 90 days or longer to complete.  In fact, 99% of them should only take a matter of days.  In part 2 of this MPS sales training workshop, we will break out the tools needed to close an MPS deal in hours rather than months.  For this part of the workshop to be effective, we will be covering infrastructure necessities with sales leadership before the workshop begins.  After this section, the question will then become, “how many deals could I actually close in one month?”

MPS Acceleration Workshop Sales Training 2
MPS Acceleration Workshop Sales Training 3

Building your business case

Now that your salespeople can locate the opportunities, can recite the benefits of an MPS program, and know all the tools they need to make a deal happen fast, they need to learn how to get your potential customers interested in looking at your MPS solution.  In section 3 of the MPS workshop, we will focus on gaining interest to look at MPS and then learn how to use the right type of proposal templates to close the deal in a short timeframe.

Going with their flow

There are opportunities for closing MPS deals all over the place.  They happen daily with our customers and potential prospects.  The challenge is we get in our way and keep ourselves from recognizing these opportunities for an MPS sale, and we try to force the customer down the road of purchasing one of our manufacturer’s options.  In the final section of the MPS Acceleration Workshop, we will spend time preparing to offer MPS during everyday scenarios that ultimately keep selling this offering easy and without resistance from our customers.
MPS Acceleration Workshop Sales Training 4

What's included in the MPS Portal?

The MPS Acceleration Take Action Workbook

MPS Workshop Workbook Modern Sales Training

MPS Talk Tracks & Objection Templates

MPS Talk Tracks & Objection Handling Modern Sales Training

Building the Business Case Proposal Templates

MPS Proposal Templates

MPS Acceleration Workshop (Sponsored by Clover Imaging)

What You Get In This Workshop

  • 1 Hour Pre-Workshop Session with Sales Leadership
  • 1 Half-Day MPS Virtual Workshop
  • Access to the MPS Portal full of post workshop resources
  • Multiple follow up sessions to ensure ROI
  • MPS Talk track templates that start opportunities
  • MPS Objection handling cards
  • MPS Building your business case proposal templates
  • Attendee “Take Action” Workbook

MPS Acceleration Workshop is $1,000 per sales employee.

*minimum 5 salespeople in attendance

(Don’t have 5 people? Let’s talk)

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Derek Shebby, founder of Modern Sales Training, leveraged his 17 years as a top sales executive and director at Xerox Corp. in California to develop transformative sales programs. During his tenure at Mr. Copy (MRC), he won the Sales President’s Club Award 13 times and expanded his division from $40 million to over $100 million in revenue with a team of 120 salespeople.

Now based in San Diego with his family, Derek enhances B2B sales across the U.S. through strategic consulting, a twelve-week Sales Bootcamp, a Sales Leader Bootcamp, and the Building Value Training Series. He also offers online courses and workshops, leading the monthly Outlier Community to drive significant revenue and profit growth in sales teams.

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