Virtual Sales Training Programs

Sales Bootcamp from Modern Sales Training is a 3 month sales training program that teaches sales tactics from the manufacturing industry that are proven to set more appointments, run more effective meetings and win more deals. 

  • For all sales employees
  • Small groups, 5 – 10 at a time
  • 12-week duration

Sales Leader Bootcamp from Modern Sales Training is a 3-month sales leader program that teaches sales managers how to become high-performing sales leaders. Topics included are leadership, management process, coaching, training and development, onboarding, and recruiting.

  • For sales managers, & VPs looking to improve their leadership skills
  • Small groups, 5 – 10 at a time
  • Meeting 12x over 3 months

Join the Modern Sales Training membership group, Outliers.  Become a sales income outlier by joining a group of driven salespeople who dedicate themselves to the habits, tactics and strategies that lead to long term sales success.    

  • For all sales professionals looking to align themselves with high achievers
  • Individual & group coaching
  • Monthly program

Unlock your sales potential and become a high-performing sales leader with Sales Coach guidance from Derek Shebby, a seasoned executive with a proven track record in the dealer manufacturing industry. As your sales coach, we will work to elevate your career, master modern sales strategies, and drive unparalleled growth and profitability for your team and organization.

  • For sales leaders, VP’s & presidents
  • One-on-one
  • Ongoing duration

The Building Value Training Series, a four-part-series-virtual sales training by Modern Sales Training, equips sales executives with modern systems for differentiation, boosting deals with higher profits. Tailored for all sales levels, this tactical training promises immediate ROI, laying the groundwork for outlier income and dealership success.

  • For tenured salespeople and sales leadership
  • Small groups, 5 – 10 at a time
  • 4-week duration

The MPS Acceleration Workshop is a half day MPS workshop put on virtually by Modern Sales Training, and sponsored by Clover Imaging, that will teach your sales team how each person can easily write 5+ MPS contracts per month.  This tactical and “no fluff” sales training is designed for immediate service passthrough ROI, and will serve to be that booster shot needed accelerate the MPS performance at any dealership.

  • For all sales related employees
  • Small groups, 5 – 10 at a time
  • Duration (1/2 day workshop)