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Sales In 21 Days Course Bundle

The course bundle that has been creating top performing sales teams around the world.

Course Introduction

Sales In 21 Days is an online sales course bundle that’s creating top sales performers on sales teams all over the world.  It is an 18-hour e-learning course that focuses on the critical top performer skills used during the full business to business (B2B) sales cycle.  Over 15,000 salespeople and sales teams use these courses regularly to level up their sales skills.

The full Sales In 21 Days program is a collection of over 140 lessons in 12  courses that include:

  1. The Top Performer’s Guide to Long Term Sales Success
  2. Increase Your Commissions By Winning The Numbers Game
  3. Why Some Customers Buy & Others Don’t
  4. Create Sales Scripts & Value Propositions
  5. How To Create a Sales Target List
  6. How To Prospect on Foot
  7. How To Prospect over the Phone
  8. Run Meetings That Close For A Next Step
  9. Proposals That Build Value & Profit
  10. Sales Objections Simplified
  11. How To Create a Sense of Urgency
  12. Tools for Dealing with Rejection (Mindset)

Make More Money

Mastering the 12 skills of top performers will be the gift that keeps on giving.

Even Tiger Woods has a swing coach.
What if that swing coach created a training course.
Just imagine how many people would become better golfers.
That’s what this is.
For salespeople.

Set More Appointments

Learning top performer secrets on how to set more appointments over the phone.

Are you afraid to make your dials on the phone?   Have you actually been taught “how” to prospect over the phone?

In this part of SALES in 21 DAYS Program, you will learn how to cold call over the phone.  No gimmicks.  No super special secret on how to do it in a new way.  None of those tactics work.  Just face it…Cold calling is tough!  In this course we will get right to the basics of building the discipline needed to be successful when you prospect, including the how to turn your prospecting efforts into a predictable numbers game.

Run Effective Meetings

Learning top performer secrets on how to run effective meetings with clients that close for a next step.

You’ve spent hours cold calling and prospecting to get to this point with your new prospect.  Now what do you do to make sure it continues down the path to a sale?

In this part of the SALES in 21 DAYS Program,  you will learn to execute a client meeting using consultative selling techniques, relationship building skills and learn how to find opportunity that will lead to a next step.

Build More Value

Learning top performer secrets on how to build more value in your proposals

After your proposal presentation, your chances of closing the sale is in the hands of your customer and their decision making process. Is it good enough to win?

In this part of the SALES in 21 DAYS Program, you will learn how to create a proposal that incorporates proven sales strategies that maximizes the value you deliver, minimizes objections, and creates a sense of urgency with the decision maker.

Create More Urgency

Learning top performer secrets on how to create a sense of urgency on getting clients to move forward.

Are you stuck waiting for your clients to finally make a decision on your proposal?

Did they disappear and stop answering your calls all of a sudden?

Did your client go from “I need this right now,” to … where did they go?

In this part of the SALES in 21 DAYS Program, you will learn how to control the tempo of your sale cycles.

Differentiate Your Offerings

Learning top performer secrets on how to effectively differentiate yourself during your sales cycle.

How do you know if your client is interested in your products?

In this part of the SALES in 21 DAYS Program, you will learn the psychology of why customers buy. Before cold calling, client meetings, presenting proposals or closing, you’ll need to learn how to get clients interested in your product or service.   In this course you’ll understand the 4 reasons why some customers buy and others don’t.  You’ll also learn sales and marketing strategies that you must put in place in order to win your sale with high gross profit.

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