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Sales Bootcamp from Modern Sales Training is a 3 month sales training program that teaches sales tactics from the manufacturing industry that are proven to set more appointments, run more effective meetings and win more deals. 

Results from the recent bootcamp...

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Why Outsource Your Sales Training?

One of the biggest challenges we face in sales is turnover.  It’s challenging to find the right candidate, then onboard them and ensure they have the skills needed to have a long-term successful career at our company.  The cost of turnover in some cases can be $50,000+ per candidate when you factor in the time it takes to source, interview, and train them.  

That’s where the Sales Bootcamp program comes in.  We have the experience of developing salespeople and sales management into top performers.  That’s because we’ve been there ourselves.  We’ve finished on top of the stack rankings at our company and led sales teams to success.  Now we are taking our skills to help sales organizations around the country reduce the risks of turnover by not having a strong sales training program.  We will help you grow your sales team.

We also understand that your sales force might be made up of tenured, experienced, sales professionals looking to improve their sales skills.  That’s why we have recently launched our Sales Spartan program designed for only tenured sales professionals. 

On top of the fact your salespeople will be trained by a successful manufacturing sales and services professional with a history of developing top sales performers, you will ALSO have three main benefits:

Another Layer of Accountability

You have a sales team to run. In order to grow you need a sales training program you can trust to be accountable to develop your future performers.

Message Reinforcement

Imagine having a credible voice reinforcing your messages about how great this industry is and how much money your salespeople can earn.

Proven Sales Training

Implement a proven sales training course that was designed to quickly develop top sales performers.

"I 4X'd my commissions from this training."
- Tenured Rep


Sales Bootcamp & Sales Spartan Course Topics


Learn how to prepare for an effective week in sales, how to prepare for appointments, and how to prepare for long term success


Learn how to master prospecting from conquering the fear, the preparing your list, to cold calling in person and over the phone

Objection Handling

Learn how to understand where objections come from, isolate the real objection and how to handle them in person and over the phone


Learn how to execute a great first appointment that leads to a next step, how to ask great questions during, and agree to a mutual opportunity

Building Value

Learn how to build value throughout a sales cycle from delivering value inside of assessments demos and proposals

Creating Urgency

Learn how to create urgency in the sales cycle and control the tempo of when the customer is ready to go to the next step

Virtual Selling

Learn how to master prospecting from your home office, including preparation, mindset, running meetings over zoom and demos.

Time Management

Learn how to get control over your time, master distractions, and put systems in place to become more effective every day of the week

How Does the Sales Training Program Work?

There are 3 components to the Sales Bootcamp that help develop successful sales professionals:

Access to the Modern Sales Training Academy platform

While in bootcamp, you will get access to the full course collection that covers the 12 sales skill featured topics.  These courses were based upon training methods used at XEROX mega dealerships. These 12 topics account for over 18 hours worth of training that you can use indefinitely to reinforce skill development.  There are weekly assignments and course work to complete including quizzes and certifications. 

Weekly Sales Coaching

Virtual Sales Bootcamp

Your salesperson will have 3 – 4 virtual trainings sessions per month with a sales instructor.  These sessions will build upon the course learnings and follow the structured curriculum designed to turn them into fearless prospectors, first appointment consultants and value building machines.  The length of these classes will be from 90 minutes to 2 hours per session.

Accountability Updates

Modern Sales Training Derek Shebby

Your salespeople will be responsible to complete weekly assignments, online course lessons with quizzes and milestone skill inspection.  In addition the sales leadership team will meet with the bootcamp instructor monthly to go over reports of progress, sales performance and strategic alignment about your sales employee. We are committed to helping you develop a top performer.

How is the Sales Training Program Structured?

There 3 month program is divided up into these modules:

prospecting logo

The number 1 reason for failure in sales is lack of prospects.  

In the first part of the sales bootcamp we will teach your sales team to be a fearless prospector while cold calling in person and cold calling over the phone.  No objection will be able to stop them.  

Sales Bootcamp Appointments Modern Sales Training

What good is prospecting if you can’t convert an interested company into a true prospect?  

In this part of the sales bootcamp we will go over proven strategies on how to prepare for an effective meeting and how to close for a next step in the sales process.

Sales Bootcamp Value Building Modern Sales Training

Far too many sales cycles end in a price war.  But do they need to?  

In the final piece of the sales bootcamp we will focus on what to do during the sales cycle to build enough value to set yourself up as the best solution for your client.

Your Investment for Sales Bootcamp or Sales Spartan

Sales Bootcamp Pricing 2024

The investment for Sales Bootcamp for your salesperson is based upon the number of attendees you have in the bootcamp. See pricing chart.  The duration of the Sales Bootcamp is 3 months.

Upon completion of the Sales Bootcamp, the attendees roll into an ongoing training membership called, Outliers, which is $100 per employee per month.

Frequently Asked Questions

We will keep the groups to around 10 salespeople.  Contact Derek to make sure there is room for your salespeople in the next training group.

Absolutely, we will share the homework with the sales leadership team of the salespeople in the class.  There must be alignment or the program isn’t as effective.
Contact us and let’s talk!
Yes we can, we do the weekly trainings via Zoom and they send us a report of who was in attendance.  We will share that information with you.

Yes! That is what we refer to as Sales Spartan.  Ask us about when our next group is scheduled or let’s talk about setting up one for your tenured team. 

Let's Develop Your Salesperson Together!


Derek Shebby, founder of Modern Sales Training, leveraged his 17 years as a top sales executive and director at Xerox Corp. in California to develop transformative sales programs. During his tenure at Mr. Copy (MRC), he won the Sales President’s Club Award 13 times and expanded his division from $40 million to over $100 million in revenue with a team of 120 salespeople.

Now based in San Diego with his family, Derek enhances B2B sales across the U.S. through strategic consulting, a twelve-week Sales Bootcamp, a Sales Leader Bootcamp, and the Building Value Training Series. He also offers online courses and workshops, leading the monthly Outlier Community to drive significant revenue and profit growth in sales teams.