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At Modern Sales Training, we provide transformational Sales Bootcamps that create success habits for the future, specialized workshops designed for immediate ROI, a video course academy that develops top selling teams, and a group coaching community committed to individuals achieving exceptional results.

With origins in the manufacturing sales (Xerox) industry, the processes and methodologies we cover are best fit for full-cycle salespeople with a geographic territory they can physically go to every day of the week. If that’s you or your team, there’s no better-proven program on the planet.

With over 30,000 salespeople and teams trained from their best selling sales training course collection, Modern Sales Performer, companies are continuing to turn to Modern Sales Training to bring proven programs that transform salespeople into Fearless Prospectors and Income Outliers. 

Their sales methodologies are focused around breaking into new business, winning the commodity sale, differentiating in the sales process and maximizing profit per deal.

Sales Training Workshops with Modern Sales Training
Michael, CEO
Michael, CEOMold Busters
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Derek helped DOUBLE our sales results in just three months
Colin, Managing Director
Colin, Managing Director Oktopost
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Derek helped turn a group of good sellers into GREAT ones.
Jesse, CEO
Jesse, CEOA+ Business
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Derek helped me OUT SELL all of my competition in a matter of weeks.

About derek shebby, founder of Modern Sales training

Derek Shebby, the founder of Modern Sales Training, spent 17 years as a top sales executive and sales director with Xerox Corp. in California. During his tenure at Mr. Copy (MRC), he was a 13-time Sales President’s Club Award winner, coached hundreds of salespeople and sales leaders to excellence, and helped grow his local division from $40 million to more than $100 million in annual revenue (with over 120 salespeople).

Now he spends his time in San Diego, California, with his wife and their three boys while helping B2B sales organizations across the nation increase revenues and profits through consulting services,  his twelve-week sales bootcamp, proven online sales courses, workshops, and monthly Outlier community.

Derek Shebby from Modern Sales Training

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