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At Modern Sales Training, we offer state-of-the-art Sales Bootcamps that instill future-focused sales habits, alongside our Sales Leader Bootcamp tailored for those aiming to elevate their leadership skills. Our specialized workshops and the Building Value Training Series are designed to deliver immediate returns on investment. Our Video Course Academy is engineered to cultivate elite selling teams, while our Group Coaching Community is committed to guiding individuals toward achieving unparalleled results.

Rooted in the manufacturing sales sector, notably with Xerox, our refined processes and methodologies are tailored for full-cycle sales professionals managing a geographical territory that requires daily physical engagement. If this describes you or your team, you’ll find no more effective program globally.

Having trained over 30,000 salespeople and teams through our best-selling sales training courses from the Modern Sales Performer collection, businesses continue to rely on Modern Sales Training for proven strategies that transform sales teams into Fearless Prospectors and Income Outliers.

Our sales methodologies are strategically designed to excel in new business acquisition, conquer the commodity sale, stand out during the sales process, and maximize profit per transaction. These comprehensive offerings ensure that every aspect of your sales force is optimized for peak performance.

Sales Training Workshops with Modern Sales Training
Michael, CEO
Michael, CEOMold Busters
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Derek helped DOUBLE our sales results in just three months
Colin, Managing Director
Colin, Managing Director Oktopost
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Derek helped turn a group of good sellers into GREAT ones.
Jesse, CEO
Jesse, CEOA+ Business
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Derek helped me OUT SELL all of my competition in a matter of weeks.

About derek shebby, founder of Modern Sales training

Derek Shebby, founder of Modern Sales Training, leveraged his 17 years as a top sales executive and director at Xerox Corp. in California to develop transformative sales programs. During his tenure at Mr. Copy (MRC), he won the Sales President’s Club Award 13 times and expanded his division from $40 million to over $100 million in revenue with a team of 120 salespeople.

Now based in San Diego with his family, Derek enhances B2B sales across the U.S. through strategic consulting, a twelve-week Sales Bootcamp, a Sales Leader Bootcamp, and the Building Value Training Series. He also offers online courses and workshops, leading the monthly Outlier Community to drive significant revenue and profit growth in sales teams.

Derek Shebby from Modern Sales Training