How Sarah Bryan Closed a Deal Despite the CEO Walking Out on the Presentation

Getting a meeting with a C-Level executive at a new opportunity isn’t easy.

It could take months, even years trying to set up that meeting.

Now imagine you’re at that meeting and they stand up, mid conversation, and walk out.

They tell you to let yourself out of their office.

How would you react?

Embarrassed? Frustrated? Hopeless?

Many salespeople out there would give up on ever winning that account.

In this sales training episode of The Deal Breakdown Podcast listen to how Sarah Bryan  never gave up and fought to win over the business of a huge opportunity in her territory.

The-Deal-Breakdown-Podcast-Modern-Sales-Training-Sarah Bryan

What to listen for

  • Sarah’s company & background: [00:52]
  • Why she chose this deal: [04:10]
  • Size of the deal: [04:41] 
  • How did she find the deal: [5:05]
  • What was the first appointment like: [08:03/13:57]
  • What was the next step: [09:45/19:12]
  • The Proposal: [20:40]
  • 3 Things That Won The Deal: [27:42]
  • 3 Things He Would Do Differently: [29:00]
  • Words of Wisdom: [30:53]

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