How Julia Shapiro Asked Tough Questions to Reel in a Slow-Moving Client

The questions you learn to ask throughout the years in sales become one of your most valuable tools. That tool comes from being battle-tested. Being able to recognize the scenario/situation from previous deals, and knowing exactly what to ask to catch it before it goes off the rails and is lost. 
A lot of the time those questions are tough. It takes confidence, courage, and advanced sales knowledge to know just what to ask. 
In today’s sales training episode of the Deal Breakdown Podcast, Julia Shapiro showcases her advanced sales skills and ability to ask her client’s the difficult questions that take a client moving at a glacier pace to full speed closing. 

What to listen for

  • Julia’s company & background: [00:49 & 2:24]
  • Why she chose this deal: [06:29]
  • Size of the deal: [15:53] 
  • How did she find the deal: [08:20]
  • What was the first touch: [09:19]
  • What was the next step: [14:07]
  • The Proposal: [19:46]
  • What follow up was done: [11:38]
  • Competition [16:36]
  • How did she build value: [17:30]
  • 3 Things That Won The Deal: [23:42]
  • 3 Things She Would Do Differently: [25:53]
  • Words of Wisdom: [27:24]

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