How Colin Turned A "No" Into An Impressive Deal

“Unfortunately, we are going to pass on your offer.”

Seeing that written in an email could be a real downer.

Especially when you counted on the deal coming in.

That could be the end of your chances. 

OR you could find another way to keep the deal alive.

That’s exactly what Colin Day did.

He used his knowledge of the A.B.C’s of sales

To re-engage his customer and close them in an impressive win.

Listen to how he found the deal, developed it…

And ultimately handled this mirage of “no hope…”

In today’s sales training episode of The Deal Breakdown Podcast.


What to listen for

  • Colin’s company & background: [00:26]
  • Why he chose this deal: [4:11]
  • What was the size of the deal: [4:47]
  • How did they find the deal: [9:03]
  • What was the first prospecting touch like: [10:11]
  • What was the first appointment like: [17:23]
  • What was the next step: [18:26]
  • The proposal: [24:22]
  • Things he would’ve done differently: [30:20]
  • Words of Wisdom: [32:04]

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