The Deal Breakdown podcast

Listen to salespeople share the story behind closing a deal that held special significance to them.  Learn how they found the account, broke into it, ran the discovery meeting, built value in unique ways, differentiated themselves from the competition, and ultimately closed the deal. They share all of their thoughts on what they did well and how they could improve going forward.  These B2B sales deals are in all types of industries.   

It seemed like it makes sense.

Want to become great in sales?

Just read one of the 1,000’s of sales books.  Follow some of the 1,000’s of sales gurus.  Listen to conversations had by those gurus in podcasts.

Once you do that you’ll be a master in no time, right?

If it were only that simple.

You still need to translate the information your read or what you hear to your own sales world.  Figure out how to relate that information and sales theory into something practical that you could actually use.

But that’s not an effective way to learn how to become a top sales performer, is it.  

We don’t learn from books, or written content, or being a fly on the wall in a conversation.

We learn from actual deals. 

We learn from what actually worked in a deal.

We learn from hearing about what a real salesperson did to win their last deal. 

That’s where I come in. 

I’m Derek Shebby and I run Modern Sales Training. My mission is to help you become a top sales performer…And all the glory that comes with it. 

The quickest way to get there is to keep it real. 

That’s why in this podcast, I will be meeting with

Real B2B salespeople. 

People that are selling…

Right now.

People that are involved in deals.

Right now.

People that are learning by doing.

Each week we’ll talk to a B2B salesperson that had a great win. 

And we are all going to learn from it.


  • Learn about how they found the deal.
  • Learn about how they got the customer interested.
  • Learn about how they found opportunity in their appointment.
  • Learn about how they did their NEXT step
  • Learn about how they put together their proposal.
  • Learn about how they created urgency.
  • Learn about how they closed the deal. 

And most of all.

How they built value throughout

What they learned

And what mistakes they made along the way. 

No fluff. 

Just deals.