Sales Training Courses That Create Top Performing Sales Teams

"These Modern Sales Training courses have helped take a group of good sellers and turn them into great sellers."
- Colin Day (Managing Director, Oktopost)

Modern Sales Training Academy offers the best sales training courses online, and the go-to sales enablement program for a reason: More than 15,000 salespeople have used them to level up their skills and achieve record-breaking sales performance. Top sales performers described the sales training courses as being relatable, relevant, engaging and actionable.

Sales Training Course Topics


Learn how to prepare for an effective week in sales, how to prepare for appointments, and how to prepare for long term success


Learn how to master prospecting from conquering the fear, the preparing your list, to cold calling in person and over the phone

Objection Handling

Learn how to understand where objections come from, isolate the real objection and how to handle them in person and over the phone


Learn how to execute a great first appointment that leads to a next step, how to ask great questions during, and agree to a mutual opportunity

Building Value

Learn how to build value throughout a sales cycle from delivering value inside of assessments demos and proposals

Creating Urgency

Learn how to create urgency in the sales cycle and control the tempo of when the customer is ready to go to the next step

Virtual Selling

Learn how to master prospecting from your home office, including preparation, mindset, running meetings over zoom and demos.

Time Management

Learn how to get control over your time, master distractions, and put systems in place to become more effective every day of the week