How to Stay Positive in the Face of Rejection!


It’s difficult to stay positive every day when faced with rejection. 

I saw a video with the legendary Les Brown who said he’s read studies that inspect brain activity (specifically conscious versus subconscious activity) and that Psychologists believe that 86% of our day our subconscious is talking to ourselves in a negative way. 

Telling us why can’t do something. That’s why rejection in the business world hurts so much, because it is validating what we are saying to ourselves subconsciously!

You can combat this negative self-talk.  We have to do it consciously and purposefully. 

Today I have 4 tips on how to stay Positive in the Face of Rejection!

Sales Tip # 1: Have clear expectations for your day​


Be proactive.  No surprises!  Have a plan and be prepared to adapt in case your first plan doesn’t work! 

Often, we are feel the rejection more when we are surprised.  Did you really make that phone call checking in on a deal thinking the customer just forgot to call you letting you know you won?

Sales Tip #2: Keep track of the little wins!​


Are you just keeping track of the negative things happening every day or are you also keeping track of the positives as well? 

What are negative things that could happen?

The best sales people find a way to turn it into a positive occurrence

Get shut down by a decision maker?  You met the decision maker.  They know who you are!  Now they will begin to think of you when the time comes that they may need your services?

Lose a deal?  Learn from it!  You can’t win them all.  Take what you can from this loss and make sure you don’t make the same mistake again! 

Sales Tip # 3: Do you consider your work a Job or a Career?


I met a sales rep the other day that makes $67,000 per month. He’s been in the same territory since he started 15 years ago. Things changed for him when he says his sales job as a CAREER.

When you look at things as a job, today becomes a one-time-event.

When you look at things as a career, today becomes part of a long-term journey.  The things you do today could become your secret to success in the years to come. 

Sales Tip # 4: Listen or Read something inspirational in the morning.


Feed your brain positive thoughts every single day.  Music that gets you pumped up, quotes that inspire you, stories in history about perseverance and drive.

I made a YouTube list of videos that get me thinking positive.  Do you have a favorite?  Share below…

You must stay positive.  You can do it.  Never forget that you are ONE PROSPECT AWAY from a life changing deal.

Summary of How To How To Stay Positive In The Face Of Rejection

Combating negativity is a constant part of sales.  It goes with the territory.

We experience negativity when things happen to us like getting shut down by gatekeepers or losing deals and we experience it by the way we talk to ourselves subconsciously.  

These were 4 ways you could proactively fight to have a positive mindset in sales.

  1. Have clear expectations for your day
  2. Count the little wins
  3. Choose to look at where you work as a career and not a job
  4. Feed your brain positive thoughts daily

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