How to Create Urgency In Sales With Your Customers


Learning how to create urgency in sales should be a requirement in all sales training courses.  

Recently I completed a business to business sales course on How To Create A Sense Of Urgency.  It was an interesting few weeks of putting everything together because it occurred to me how little of proactive training there is on creating urgency.  It seemed that you learn about how to get better in this skill through time.  

One thing became very clear to me as I was creating this course.  The skill of creating a sense of urgency is one that must be developed on every sales transaction.  You can’t afford for this to be a learn-on-the-job-skill. You need to learn how to create urgency with customers.

Your commissions are at stake!

Why Is It Important To Learn How To Create Urgency In Sales?

First of all, you work so hard to create a prospect.  The hours of preparation and daily activity is tremendous.  Once you get someone interested, things move pretty fast.  The client is motivated to get a proposal from you so they’ll be completely available for you whenever you call upon them.  

However, things change once you present that proposal.  As soon as they have that from you, they disappear and become almost completely unreachable.  That shouldn’t be a problem except you planned on the order coming in that month and now your mind’s going crazy trying to figure out why they stopped responding to you.  

The challenge here is you failed to create urgency in your product.  

There are a few fundamentals that I recommend focusing on when improving this skill of how to create urgency in sales. This could be your start to getting in control of the speed at which your deals close.  

How To Create Urgency In Sales - The 2 Fundamentals


If you want to learn how to create urgency in sales and gain control of when your customers move forward, there are two fundamentals to start with.

#1 You need to explain why a client needs to act now versus wait till later. 

The first part of learning how to create urgency in sales is you need to tell your customer why they need to act now versus waiting later.  They are busy at their own organization with their own challenges.  No matter how obvious you think it may be, it’s not.  There is so much to this skill to develop here.  Your story that you give the client needs to make sense.  You need to believe the story.  It needs to be something other than a price increase (that is incredibly lazy in my opinion).  You must ask questions earlier on in the sale to uncover which story would be best. 

#2 You need marketing that reinforces your story to add credibility. 

You can’t rely just on your “story” alone to create urgency.  Your leave behind inside of your proposal needs to be just as believable and relevant.  Obviously there is so much more to these 2 fundamentals above and you could develop your own or you could take my course that I have inside of the Modern Sales Training Academy.  

The 4 Benefits Of Learning How To Create Urgency In Sales


#1 You will be able to control the speed at which your clients move forward with your proposal.

Instead of just waiting “until the client is ready” you will be in the driver’s seat of your sale. 

#2 You could reignite old sale cycles.

Think back to all of the proposals you presented this year that didn’t go anywhere.  You could use this skill to bring these deals back and close this month. 

#3 Learning this will increase your bandwidth of closing deals.

When you’re in control of your sale cycles, you will be able to close more deals each month.  If you were closing 3 – 5 deals before, you’ll be at 6 to 10 now.

#4 You will make more money.

 More deals coming in equals more money in your pocketbook. There’s no need to be content with waiting for your client to “get back to you.” When you learn to control the tempo of your sale cycles, your income starts to grow.  

Learn the science behind how to create urgency inside of our Modern Sales Academy.

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