Programs That Create Top Performing Sales Teams

"The office equipment industry is driven by sales and in order to be effective, a dealer must have well trained representatives."
- Mark Grice (Executive Director, IBPI)

“Modern Sales Training has created multiple online sales courses to give every IBPI Member the opportunity to have a more productive sales staff.  Derek also has created a weekly virtual coaching clinic so he can be face to face with your team to follow up on the lessons learned during the coursework.”

Table of Contents

Online Sales Courses

Virtual Group Training

IBPI Brochure Sales Bootcamp - Modern Sales Training

Sales Bootcamp from Modern Sales Training is a 3 month sales training program that teaches proven tactics, from the document technology industry, to set more appointments, run more effective meetings, and win more deals.

Team Workshops

The MPS Acceleration Workshop is a half day MPS workshop put on virtually by Modern Sales Training, and sponsored by Clover Imaging, that will teach your sales team how each person can easily write 5+ MPS contracts per month.  This tactical and “no fluff” sales training is designed for immediate service passthrough ROI, and will serve to be that booster shot needed accelerate the MPS performance at any dealership.

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