The Fearless Prospector Virtual Workshop from Modern Sales Training

Master the fear of prospecting and get in control of your sales destiny

In this virtual workshop, your sales team will learn how to understand where the fear of prospecting comes from and what they need to learn in order to accept it and control it in their prospecting efforts. Then they will learn how to prospect effectively in person and over the phone, navigate past gatekeepers, handle any objections that comes their way and learn how to track their activities towards success.

Course Details

  • 6 hour interactive workshop
  • Breakout sessions for role playing
  • Realtime assessment and coaching
  • Participant workbook
  • Participant gets access to The Fearless Prospector course

Benefits for you and your sales team

  • Better understand your clients, and how to best connect with them.
  • Tailor your offerings to the needs of your particular client base.
  • Create a value statement to both set appointments and to create new opportunities within your existing client base.
  • Create your objection handling responses for the big 4 objections
  • Walk away with tailored messaging, customized for your customers.
  • Master the prospecting over the phone methodologies proven to get past gatekeepers
  • Learn the numbers game benchmarks that let you diagnose where you need to improve
  • Learn how to plan to have an effective week & how to effectively use your CRM 

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Course Curriculum

The pandemic has changed added a new dimension of decision making.  Learn how to best align with your client’s goals.

When your customer clearly understands that your products and services could help them with their goals, setting appointments and closing for the next step will be easy peasy.

After we understand clearly how we can help our customers, we will spend time crafting a value statement that will create interest in meeting with us or exploring a new solution.

During prospecting, your client will throw objections your way.  We will create custom, proven responses so you can close for the next step.

Learn time management strategies to keep you focused on doing the most critical activities

We explore mindset and understand why we fear prospecting and discover the only way to overcome it.

How to make sure you’re working on the right customers that will help you hit your monthly quota.

Learn proven prospecting methodologies that work in getting past the gatekeeper over the phone.

Learn proven prospecting methodologies that work in getting past the gatekeeper over the phone.

Once you know how the game is played, you can learn how to count the little wins and have fun while you go.

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