The Path to Becoming a High Performing Sales Leader


Unlock your sales potential and become a high-performing sales leader with guidance from Derek Shebby, a seasoned executive with a proven track record in the dealer manufacturing industry. As your sales coach, we will work to elevate your career, master modern sales strategies, and drive unparalleled growth and profitability for your team and organization.

Sales Coach - Modern Sales Training

What comes with the Sales Coach program?

There are 3 main components to the monthly coaching:

Virtual Sales Bootcamp

Regular Sessions with your Sales Coach

You will have 2 – 4 sessions per month with Derek to go through a combination of real time challenges you may be facing and the structured program you will be covering for that month. You will also have access throughout the month to reach him if any immediate needs arise.

Structured Modern Sales Leader program

We will be focusing monthly on a different topic needed for any high performing sales leader to master.  Learn more about that below.

Full access to the Modern Sales Academy

Gain access to the best selling on-demand B2B sales development video courses that over 30,000 salespeople worldwide have taken to improve their sales performance.  You will have full access as long as you are in the sales coaching program.  

What topics of focus are inside of the structured program?


Month 1: Legendary Leadership

Unlock the secrets of “Legendary Leadership” and revolutionize your sales management skills. Discover cutting-edge strategies, gain invaluable insights, and become the sales manager that transforms teams and achieves extraordinary results.

Mastering Your Management Process


Month 2: Mastering Your Management Process

Elevate your management prowess with “Mastering Your Management Process” and take your sales team to unprecedented heights. Learn powerful techniques, streamline your strategies, and implement processes that achieve exceptional performance, and drives remarkable success.


Month 3: Hiring Your Next Top Performer

Secure the future success of your sales team with “Hiring Your Next Top Performer” training program. Learn proven strategies, effective interviewing techniques, and the art of identifying and recruiting top sales talent that will drive your organization to new heights of excellence.

The White Glove Sales Onboarding Experience Modern Sales Training


Month 4: The White Glove Sales Onboarding Experience

Embark on a transformative journey with “The White Glove Sales Onboarding Experience” and revolutionize how you welcome and empower your new sales team members. Discover the art of personalized onboarding, cutting-edge sales techniques, and create a culture of excellence that sets your sales managers and their teams up for long-term success.


Month 5: Training Up Your Sales Team

Take charge of your sales team’s success with “Training Up Your Sales Team” program. Gain powerful coaching skills, innovative training methods, and the expertise needed to develop a high-performing sales force that consistently exceeds targets and drives exponential growth for your business.

Coaching Your People to Success Modern Sales Training


Month 6: Coaching Your People to Success

Empower yourself with the art of transformative leadership through “Coaching Your People to Success” training program. Unlock the potential of your sales team, refine your coaching abilities, and foster a culture of motivation and achievement, leading to remarkable sales results and personal growth for both you and your team.

Are You Ready To Get Started?

About Your Sales Coach

Derek Shebby, the founder of Modern Sales Training, spent 17 years as a top sales executive and sales director with Mr. Copy (MRC) / Xerox in San Diego, California.  MRC was the largest Xerox Agent in the nation before being acquired by Global Imaging Systems in 2009.  During his tenure, he oversaw the performance and development of hundreds of salespeople, and sales leaders across the state.  Specializing in the entire sales process he helped grow his dealership from $40M to over $100M in annual revenue (30 – 500 employees).  

Since 2020 he coaches sales managers, VPs, and dealer presidents to sales growth and profitability by implementing proven industry strategies and modern sales leadership processes .  He also runs a Sales Bootcamp that’s being utilized by the top dealers in the country, and has an MPS Workshop (sponsored by Clover), a new Production Workshop and a sales community called, OUTLIERS.