How to Know If You Are Coachable In Sales

Most people who think they are “coachable.”

Really aren’t.

In the beginning of my sales career my plan was:

To learn from people who have the right experience. 

To be a sponge and soak up whatever knowledge I could.

To work harder than everyone else in the office. 

I thought I was coachable.

I couldn’t have been more wrong.

I learned the hard way to let go of my EGO

To accept the fact that I didn’t know everything.

To realize that I needed help. 

Once I did that, I learned what it meant to be coachable. 

Listen to me break down all the steps needed to transform…

You from a “know-it-all”

Into a sales professional with the right mindset to have limitless potential.

Learning why it’s so important to be coachable is the topic in this sales training episode of the In Between Sales Calls Podcast.

You can tune in above,👆 Apple Podcasts, Spotify or anywhere you get your podcasts.  


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