How Paul's Strategy Led to Him Winning a Deal Worth 5X His Annual Budget

Typically the TOP opportunities attract the TOP salespeople.

And when you’re competing against the BEST in the world…

You need to have a solid strategy. 

In this sales training episode of The Deal Breakdown podcast

Listen as Paul Salamanca explains the step by step process of how

He differentiated himself, as a sales rep, amongst the competition and

Ultimately closed one of the largest deals in his sales career.


What to listen for

  • Paul’s company & background: [01:10]
  • Why he chose this deal: [05:00]
  • What was the size of the deal: [06:25]
  • How did they find the deal: [07:02]
  • What was the first touch like: [09:50]
  • What was the first appointment like: [12:50]
  • What was the next step: [13:35]
  • On competition: [33:30]
  • The proposal: [33:45]
  • 3 Things That Won The Deal: [37:45]
  • Words of Wisdom: [40:06]

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