How Jesse Found A Way To Use His Own Solution To Create Urgency In His Deal

Is your company missing out on closing all the business they can bring in?

It could be.

But how could you know for sure?

How could you know what words and phrases regularly speed up your sales cycle?

How could you know which words indicate the highest level of interest a buyer of your product might have?

These were answers Jesse Hunt helped his client solve for their business in today’s Deal Breakdown podcast. 

In this sales training episode from The Deal Breakdown podcast, learn how Jesse did all this and found a way to use his own solution to discover how to create urgency and bring the deal in before the end of the month.

The-Deal-Breakdown-Podcast-Modern-Sales-Training-Jesse Hunt

What to listen for

  • Jesse’s company & background: [00:52]
  • Why he chose this deal: [08:55]
  • Size of the deal: [10:00] 
  • How did he find the deal: [11:10]
  • What was the first appointment like: [14:00]
  • What was the next step: [20:45]
  • The Proposal: [23:15]
  • 3 Things That Won The Deal: [30:05]
  • 3 Things He Would Do Differently: [32:35]
  • Words of Wisdom: [34:42]

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