How Jason's Commitment To Improving His Client's Business Led To A Long-Term Partnership

“Jason’s my guy.”

There’s no greater compliment you can get from one of your customers than to hear out of their mouth how you are their trusted advisor.

In this sales training episode of The Deal Breakdown podcast, learn about how Jason took an account that had fallen off of his company’s radar, and took steps towards building a long-term business partnership.

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What to listen for

  • Jason’s company & background: [00:48]
  • What was the size of the deal: [07:05]
  • How did they find the deal: [4:20]
  • What was the first prospecting touch like: [7:30]
  • What was the first appointment like: [8:20]
  • What was the next step: [9:56]
  • The proposal: [15:46]
  • Creating urgency: [17:00]
  • On competition: [18:05]
  • Things He Did Well: [19:25]
  • Things He Would Do Differently: [20:48]
  • Words of Wisdom: [23:15]

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