Be a Guest on The Deal Breakdown podcast


The BEST way to learn in B2B sales is through closing deals.  We learn from actually doing. That’s when the lessons stick and our skills improve. 

We can also learn from asking people about “how” they closed a deal. 

This is where you come in.  

This is where you could give back and help others in ways you may not have had help when you were growing in your own career.

This is where you could share your deal and illustrate how to actually break into new accounts, build relationships, build value, find opportunity, beat the competition, create urgency and ultimately close a deal. 

No deal is too small or big.  

We could all learn from you in whatever part of your career you are in. 


  1. Listen to a past episode to get an idea of the format 
  2. Watch this short loom video where I explain the questions I will ask you. 
  3. Download your questions


First step is for you to secure your time here

Then we will meet over zoom for 1 hour and record the audio only of the episode (so bring your notes).

Then after we record I will send you the edited version (typically takes 30 days) of your episode to review and if you have any edits we will get it done.

We will only publish once you are ready to go!  

We will ask you that you keep any customer or contact information private.  Even if you do happen to mention the company, we will delete it inside of the editing process.

That’s great! Many salespeople have been using their episode to showcase their company and become a lead generation piece.  

Take the time to you need and when you have the green light, schedule a time below.

You can come on the podcast multiple times! 

Each episode is about 1 deal.  Choose the one you learned something from.  Those are the best to share with our listeners 

Yes, we are just focused on deals in business to business

All of them have such strong messages and lessons for our community.  They are all great.  

The ones that stand out among the rest typically were new business deals. There’s extra excitement involved with breaking into a new account.