How Bernadette’s Respectful Persistence Won Her A Customer For Life

“Yeah we are interested BUT…not right now.”

“Why don’t you call me back in 3 months.”

Hearing that from a customer sucks. 

Especially right after you had a great first appointment!

What do you do now?

Do you try to create urgency?

Do you take it as the customer isn’t really interested?

Do you just respect their wishes?

In this sales training episode of The Deal Breakdown podcast

Bernadette Garcia shares with us what it means to be

“Respectfully Persistent”

And how that led to her winning one of the largest new customer wins of the year.


What to listen for

  • Bernadette’s company & background: [01:00]
  • Why she chose this deal: [04:13]
  • Size of the deal: [05:12]
  • How did she find the deal: [06:17]
  • What was the first touch like: [08:15]
  • What was the first appointment like: [11:00]
  • The Proposal: [23:30]
  • 3 Things That Won The Deal: [28:50]
  • 3 Things She Would Do Differently: [30:30]
  • Words of Wisdom: [32:05]

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