Sales Training Resource Downloads

Once you present a proposal, you are then waiting on the client to make their decision.  You don’t have to wait.  Learn 10 different proven techniques to create a sense of urgency within you client to get them to move forward.

There are many different types of prospecting besides cold calling in person and over the phone.  Learn more techniques on how to add a system using different prospecting methods in this worksheet. 

Not sure how to make each week of your weeks as productive as possible?  We can help with this sales planner that will supercharge your efficiency complete with 5 different lists that will keep you focused on what matters. 

Not sure where to get started to balance your sales work life? Let us help you identify the goals beyond your sales life that matter to you most, and provide a template on how you could achieve them.  

You deal with rejection every single day when you prospect. The top sales reps understand how to turn negative situations into a positive.  Sometimes a motivational message can help.  Here are 51 of them for your desktop. 

The secret to success for your salespeople is in how you start their on boarding process.  From day one you are on the hook for making it amazing.  This resource will give you the step by step instructions.