How to Win the Sales Numbers Game


Have you ever been told any of the following:

  • Just keep prospecting.  You’ll get there eventually! 
  • Keep making dials.  It will happen!
  • Let’s go, sales is a numbers game!

The scary part about this is whomever told you that is RIGHT!  It is a game.  Games have rules.  There is a winner at the end.  

Does the person who is encouraging you to make your cold calls actually know how win that game?  Do they know the in’s and out’s, the secrets and how to coach someone to win?  

I hope so!  Well if not, I got you covered below.  

Let’s go over cold calling over the phone and how you can learn to win THAT numbers game. 

There are 3 numbers that are incredibly important to track when prospecting over the phone. 

  1. The number of Dials you make
  2. The number of Decision Makers Reached
  3. The number of Appointments Set

The number of dials you make


You need to start tracking the number of dials you make on a daily basis.  What is a good achievable number that you can reach every single day. There’s a lot that goes into your success here, the main piece being your preparation.  

If you notice that you aren’t hitting the same number of dials daily, then something is wrong with your preparation and your list.  

The number of decision makers you reach


This is the amount of times you reach your target over the phone.  It may or may not end up being the actual decision maker and that’s okay.  Your skill here is about how good you are at navigating past the gatekeeper to reach that target.  

If your dial to decision maker reached numbers are really low then the bells should be ringing that you need to work on this skill.  Nothing happens if you don’t have a chance to deliver your pitch!

The number of appointments you set


This is the stat we instinctively track.  We want to know if we were successful right! If you are struggling here that means you may need to examine your communication skills, your tailored message to your client, and your objection handling skills.  

Don’t necessarily think you need help here if you didn’t set an appointment after one or two decision makers shut you down.  You need lots of data before you change things here.  

Regardless, this is typically the first place people think they need help over the phone when, it actuality, it’s probably the first two areas that you really need to improve.  

Summary of How to Win the Sales Numbers Game

No matter where your skills are at, you have to continue to focus on your craft. Before starting your next call session, I recommend making a tally of Dials, Decision Makers Reached, and Appointments Set.  Keep track of your actual numbers and then examine after multiple call blitzes if there are commonalities. 

When you have this information, you can spend your off times in improving those skill sets which will directly improve the outcomes of future cold calling sessions over the phone!

Learn more about the secrets of prospecting over the phone and more tactics to help you win the numbers game inside of our Modern Sales Academy.

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