New Business Prospecting Workshop

New Business Prospecting Workshop by Modern Sales Training

The Net New Momentum Workshop is a prospecting workshop put on virtually by Modern Sales Training that will teach your sales team how effectively cold call and set new business appointments.  This prospecting workshop consists of 2 half-day back-to-back sessions designed to remove the fear from prospecting while providing a proven system of cold calling in the field, and cold calling over the phone.  This actionable “no fluff” sales training will generate the momentum needed to make selling net new a regular event at your dealership.

Teach Your Salespeople How To Win Net New

You have 2 options when it comes to growing your dealership.  You can either sell more products and services to your current customers or you can add to your customer base by prospecting and winning net new business. Both strategies could grow your business.  However, one is much better than the other.

There are dangers to relying on your growth from mainly your current customers.  It’s common that whenever their lease expires, you get them into a new solution at a cost savings which ultimately turns into a negative revenue churn (an unprofitable contract extension).  This means that the years will be filled with a download slope of dwindling revenues.  That’s not good for business.

That’s why net new business is your key to revenue and profit growth at your dealership.  New business brings additional income to the bottom line.  It’s revenue that wasn’t there before.   If only winning new business wasn’t such a rare occurrence.

Fear keeps your salespeople from prospecting. Salespeople would much rather go see their current customers rather than deal with the constant rejection that comes from cold calling in person and over the phones. How can you get them to prospect to net new? The answer isn’t to force them to do it.  That’s a recipe for turnover and toxic company culture.  The only way to get your salespeople to prospect to net new is to teach them how to do it right.  The only way is to teach them proven processes and tactics for success.

This is what we will focus on in this workshop. 

Get ready to take the first step towards building a culture around prospecting to net new.

How is the Net New Workshop structured?

Modern Sales Training Derek Shebby

1. Sales Leadership
Planning Meeting

Before the workshop we need to meet as a leadership team to review expectations and best practices on how to make prospecting to net new a fundamental part of your culture. In this planning meeting, we will decide upon goals and measurements for the effectiveness of the workshop.

New Business Watching the Prospecting Workshop by Modern Sales Training

2. Net New Workshop
Part 1

The first part of the workshop will be a half day training where the main focus will be on cold calling in the field. After we complete part 1, the sales team will then go into the field to apply the methods and tactics they learned in the workshop. The data is tracked and built upon during the next session.

New Business Prospecting Workshop by Modern Sales Training virtual

3. Net New Workshop
Part 2

In the final part of the workshop we will meet for a half-day to build upon part one and focus in on how to effectively cold call over the phone. We will then break into a live cold calling over the phone session to apply what was learned.

What is covered inside of this sales training workshop?

Part of Their Solution - New Business Prospecting Workshop

Becoming Part of Their Solution

Before we can start prospecting we need to clearly understand how our products and services can make a difference for our customers.  To do that, we need to understand what are customers are looking to accomplish and see how we fit into that equation.  Once we realize how to become a part of the solution, we can develop a message that matters, that’s interesting, and one that gets our customers to make time to meet with us.  In part 1 of the Net New Momentum Workshop your salespeople will build their confidence and their belief in the power of your offerings and come to realize that they have a responsibility to get in front of all customers to share their story and help their businesses thrive.

Conquering the Cold Call on Foot

The way we are taught to cold call is to lead with qualifying and collecting information. “Who handles this, what technology do you have today, how many employees do you have at this location, etc.”  That is how you cold call when you haven’t been trained how to cold call effectively.  In part 2 of the Net New Momentum Workshop, your salespeople will learn the process of cold calling and getting past tough gatekeepers with the objective of setting an appointment right there on the spot.  You will be amazed with the results.
Conquering the Cold Call - New Business Prospecting Workshop
Dominating the cold call - New Business Prospecting Workshop

Dominating the Cold Call over the Phone

Cold calling over the phone is the normal way salespeople prospect today.  The challenges are the same today as they have been for years.  “How can you get the decision maker to pick up the phone?” The common way of solving this is to just call more, leave voicemails and become professional stalkers. Again, this is how you cold call when you haven’t been trained how to cold call effectively. In part 3 of the Net New Momentum Workshop, your salespeople will learn proven tactics on how to get the gatekeeper to become your ally and help you connect with the decision maker and also how to be prepared for any objection. 

Building a Modern Prospecting System

Motivation gets you going, but habit keeps you going.  At this point your salespeople will be excited from seeing the results that come from knowing how to prospect the right way.  From this excitement, how can we develop the right habits so we turn this training into something they do on a regular basis?  In part 4 of the Net New Momentum Workshop, we will go over modern prospecting methods and routines that enhance your cold calling results and lay out a process for the long term.  
Building a modern prospecting system - New Business Prospecting Workshop

Your Investment for the Net New Momentum Workshop

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What You Get In This Workshop

  • 1 Hour Planning Session with Sales Leadership
  • 2 Half-Day Net New Momentum Virtual Workshops
  • Prospecting Sheets for Cold Calling in the Field
  • Prospecting Guides for Cold Calling over the Phone
  • Attendee “Take Action” Workbook

Net New Momentum Workshop is $1,000 per sales employee.

*minimum 5 salespeople in attendance

(Don’t have 5 people? Let’s talk)

Need More Support? Ask About Our Net New Immersion

Net New Immersion Overview Modern Sales Training
Net New Immersion Modern Sales Training

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