Follow These Steps To Make Sure You Get Emails From Modern Sales Training.

  1. You will be looking for an email from [email protected] 
  2. Make sure you add that name to your email contacts, right away, to make sure it arrives
  3. If it doesn’t arrive, it may have gone to your spam folder.  Please open your spam folder to look for it there and mark it as “not spam”
  4. If for any reason it’s still not arriving, please email me to let me know.  
  5. Assuming it arrives, then…Do The Happy Dance
  6. Then…Tell A Friend! 🙂
  7. Then absorb the information in the download. 
  8. Then apply it to your sales business. 
  9. Then make a lot of money.
  10. Then let me know all about it so I can celebrate with you!